Gray : Vermont Portrait Photographer

I first met Laura & Jackson through Heidi & Ave and we’ve been great friends ever since. Laura is the President of the “Get Amanda & Jeff to move to Vermont” club and there couldn’t be a more enthusiastic leader 🙂

Laura is also a fabulous blogger and for any expecting parents or parents of young children out there I HIGHLY recommend you check out “Pregnant, Not Fat.” – it’s a hilarious account of life with Gray and she also frequently provides recommendations about what one needs (and doesn’t!) when raising a little one. Many of her posts have been starred for the future!!
Jackson (besides being a great Dad and one of the nicest guys around) is an amazing photographer and up until a month ago when Gray turned one was posting a photo each day on the site “Gray a Day” I love the idea of doing a photo project of some sort for my future little one so who knows – it may look something like this!
Anyway – Laura and Jackson suffer from the no family photos syndrome (despite having many many photos of Gray individually and with each of them) so we met up when I was in Vermont to remedy that situation!
Gray is almost fourteen months and is ACTIVE so we had fun chasing him around and trying to get him to be still.
Onto the photos!!
Walking and exploring are two of Gray’s favorite activities so we went with it. Georgia their firstborn loved gallivanting in the fields and was generally uninterested in participating in the family photo exercise so we often got her back end 🙂

Gray walking towards the mud puddle 🙂

Jackson & Laura were clearly doing something highly entertaining 🙂

1, 2, 3, wheeeee was another activity that Gray got a big kick out of – what kid doesn’t?!

Love love love these 🙂

This is Jackson & Gray’s thing – flying in the air while Gray holds himself ever so straight 🙂

See ya later!

More please

This is pretty much the closest we got to Georgia being involved – that stick next to Laura is the only thing keeping her there 🙂

Gray loves watching Georgia retrieve and throwing sticks for her

How cute are the red kicks?

We knew once he saw the water it would be the beginning of the end 🙂 He loved throwing rocks and surprising himself by sticking his toes in the frigid water

Bringing stones up on the hill allowed us a few more

Love the intimacy in this one

Laura & Jackson – I had a blast with you both and hope your club can soon be disbanded due to success 🙂