Gregg & Elizabeth’s Equinox VT Wedding (Part 1) :: VT Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday I was up in Manchester, VT to shoot Gregg & Elizabeth’s wedding at the Equinox Resort & Spa. The Equinox has recently undergone a HUGE renovation and it shows – the hotel and grounds are so stunning and the decor inside is really spruced up.

As I blogged about a week ago Gregg & Elizabeth made great welcome bags for their guests with a picture from their engagement shoot on the front and all sorts of goodies inside – maps, brochures, and lots of yummy treats 🙂 I definitely appreciated the thought after driving up in the rainy darkness!

Saturday was a rainy November day but it made for some great moody photos and we all had a blast despite the weather. Both Gregg & Elizabeth’s families couldn’t have been nicer and they were so welcoming to me and Justin & Mary – my awesome guest shooters 🙂

We started the day at The Green Door Spa. Well….truthfully…..I started the day at the J. Crew outlet 😉

Fun with mirrors

Elizabeth’s niece who we ALL fell in love with – she was so psyched to be in her Aunt’s wedding and was just so great to be around all day.

She is ALSO an aspiring photographer so set up some great shots of Elizabeth’s shoes!

Elizabeth stayed in the Eisenhower suite and it was FABULOUS for shooting. Lots of window light both upstairs and down. I love how you can see the reflection of her gown in this one.

Fun with the lines of the curtains as she gets her makeup done

Gregg was right next door hanging out with his family so I stopped by briefly and then Justin stayed to hang out 🙂

A little Ralph Lauren Romance to sweeten the deal 🙂

Donning her beautiful gown

Gregg was a little late in getting ready so we took advantage and did some bridal portraits upstairs in the suite…Elizabeth was quite a trooper to go up steep stairs in her dress but the whole day she was happy and smiley 🙂

The reality of getting married in November in the afternoon is that it gets dark EARLY… the light starts fading at 3:30 early. So thankfully Gregg and Elizabeth opted for a first look and we did ALL of their portraits and the family portraits before the ceremony. It worked out perfectly 🙂

I love her expression as she sees her groom 🙂

Some fun with the new Equinox decor inside….

And then outside for a shot on the classic Equinox Adirondack chairs!

There are still a few leaves on the trees! Thankfully the snow from the week before had melted and it actually wasn’t even that cold…..60!

Coming up next is the ceremony, a surprise getaway, subtle touches of plaid, and a bagpiper!!

Happy Friday 🙂