Gregg & Elizabeth’s Equinox VT Wedding (Part 2) :: VT Wedding Photographer

These girls were so fun to shoot all night – ADORABLE 🙂

I love Gregg’s expression in this one 🙂

Mr. & Mrs!!

So if you remember from our engagement shoot Gregg is a firefighter in Virginia. After the ceremony Gregg and Elizabeth had a special surprise for their guests. How special did I feel as one of three people in on the surprise 🙂 ???!!!

A fire engine getaway 🙂

People were worried the Equinox was having an emergency. Nope! Just a happy bride and groom being delivered door to door 🙂

All of Elizabeth’s siblings have married at the Equinox. I love this moment as Dad dances with his youngest daughter 🙂

During one of the band’s breaks Gregg’s Brother and Sister-In-Law played piano and sang tunes. The guests were just delighted and it was such a special moment during the wedding.

Gregg’s nieces were thrilled to be out on the dance floor 🙂

Many details coming up next…..