Griffin, Elliot, and Ava

These kids were very fun and loved showing me around their home.

We started in the playroom where Griffin built a marble tower

We decided after a little while that it was just too nice to be inside so we went to re-stock their vegetable stand 🙂

Got to pick more veggies so we don’t run out! (LOVE this image.)

Elliott is almost as tall as the corn 🙂

COME ON – how cute are they.

We sat on the front porch and told some stories

Elliott tried to find the gnome hiding inside my lens 🙂

We finished with painting where everyone got good and messy 🙂

Griffin was pretty psyched to put as much paint as possible on his hand 🙂

When I left they were heading out to check and see if anyone had purchased any veggies. Ahhh….summertime in Vermont 🙂

It was so fun to meet all of you!