Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Since we don’t dress our dogs up I figured it would be a good time to share the bit of seasonal decorating that’s been gracing our house this month and generally getting us in the fall spirit 🙂

I bought all these gourds + a big pumpkin for our front stoop for about $15 – well worth it 🙂

The ball of color on the right is my attempt at this Martha Stewart craft (minus the rope stem…haven’t figured out where to buy that yet!). Pathetic I know.

I asked Jeff what he thought and he told me that it looked like a ball wrapped with yarn.
I told him he needed a little imagination 🙂

The last year or so I’ve been investing in seasonal decorations when I see something I like – I loved these felted acorns and leaves from Green Baboon Designs on Etsy.

Do you like my Keep Calm sign? It was a gift from Audra and Steve 🙂

Don’t eat too much candy!