Happy weekend at the lake!

We got back late this afternoon from a fun, relaxing, and rainy weekend at the lake!

Just a pair of two happy married people 🙂

Monsieur Pooper face i.e. Strider 🙂

It was rainy and foggy almost the whole weekend….perfect cozy on the couch weather!

A new angle for me – Strider loves when it rains because it brings out all the smells 🙂

Earlier today we picked up Strider’s friend Luke and took a quick swim before our walk.

Luke is QUITE the leaper – Strider less so 🙂

Sharing is caring 🙂

Strider tries it out 🙂

A beautiful walk through the damp woods


The usual suspects 🙂

Leaping Luke!

We dropped off Luke and stayed a while to catch up with his owners.

Strider resting up before heading home

Hope everyone had a great weekend!