High Pocket Wedding :: Tab & Taylor

As I was driving to High Pocket I kept thinking I might have plugged in the wrong address to my GPS. You wind down dirt roads and eventually come to a sign – driving up the view opens up and you see mountains in the distance….it is spectacular! Tab & Taylor booked me about two weeks before their wedding and I was thrilled to be available. Tab had told me about all the lovely DIY details she had planned and Taylor is a photographer so I was a bit nervous!! They were both lovely as were all their friends and family and we had a wonderful day.
Cliff’s Smokin Barbeque provided the delicious food and the beautiful flowers were picked by the couple and their friends at Wilder Brook Farm. Destroy Babylon provided awesome reggae music in some tough conditions (read on for that story!) and Tab borrowed her dress from her cousin. A friend did Tab’s hair and makeup and all of their friends chipped in to set everything up – it was a very homegrown wedding which I loved! Enjoy the photos!

Their dog Jake greeted me when I went to check out the tent!

Tabs and her friend created the beautiful mason jars which everyone used throughout the evening and then took home as a gift!

A group of Taylor’s friends helped build the arbor made from birch trees

Lovely rustic details

Tabs continued to coordinate even as she had her hair done!

The handsome groom who was great at providing me with good light and backdrops throughout the day….it’s helpful to have someone who knows so much about photography as your subject!

Right before Tabs put on her dress we looked out the window to see dark stormclouds rolling by – thankfully they passed over!

These cuties manned the rock table and welcomed guests

Such a lovely setting!

Each guest had a rock and made a wish for Tab & Taylor as they placed it in the jar


The hillside provided the perfect location for a group photo of everyone

I had a whole hour with Tab & Taylor for portraits so we took advantage of all the beautiful spots around the property and even drove down the road to a nearby stream! They were so game for everything and it was fun to collaborate with them

We discovered these two near the pond frog watching!

The speeches got underway and all was going well until it started to pour and the lights went out in the tent. No matter – people just raised their voices and the party rolled on

There is rain and then there is rain – it was torrentially downpouring but people just went with it!

Some guests enjoyed it more than others!

The adorable cake was made by Konditor Meister

The rain cleared a few times and we were able to do a few more pictures of Tab & Taylor

Michael Jackson Jr. on the dance floor!

My thanks to Taylor for giving me the perfect angle!

Eventually a truck came and restored power

Tabitha changed into this cute number later in the evening

And the night ended with the speakers once again out. No matter – it became an acoustic party!

Tab & Taylor – it was great to meet you and seeing you roll with all the weather changes was awesome – here’s to a long and happy marriage!