Hobie the Puppy

On Sunday we went to meet Hobie the puppy – a black lab who is about three months old.

Strider liked to play with him 🙂

The size difference! I remember when Strider was even smaller than Hobie…they grow up too fast!

Enough posing – time to play!

Strider: Hobie – This is how you cool off. Your owners might try to dissuade you but just go with it
Hobie: Like this?
Strider: Just like that – keep looking innocent and they won’t be able to get mad…you can always play the cute card

Hobie can DEFINITELY play the cute card 🙂

Hobie – ok I’m going to get you! Better yet – I’ll get that stick you’re chasing after….

Well – maybe I’ll just wait here until you bring it back.

I’m off again – I’m going to get that stick this time!

See- I told you. I may be small but I’m smart!

Wait! Come back!

Buzzy man was way too sensible for all this tomfoolery 🙂

Thanks for playing Hobie!