October 5, 2012

In mid August on a Sunday afternoon we threw a housewarming party to gather everyone together. It felt a bit like a wedding with people from all corners of our life (friends, family, clients, wedding vendors, etc.) all coming together and we felt VERY loved. It also felt like a wedding because I didn’t have time to really talk with people – as soon as I started chatting with someone, someone else would come up to say hi – frustrating but eventually I went with it and we had a ball. I took a few pictures at the beginning but then put my camera down and before I knew it the party was over!

My dogs? Beggars? Never!!

Former clients Chris & Leigh with their adorable daughter Sylvie

Former clients Finn & Kate with their twins (!!) Beowulf and Elke

Sage seeing if she could find any kids with food in the tunnel!

Former clients Ross & Annie with their two sons

About 75 people meant a full house….thankfully the weather cooperated and most people hung out outside

Rowan did his best to avoid the camera but I eventually caught him!

I used to babysit for the two older boys when I was a student at Deerfield and when I worked at Deerfield Strider spent the days in their kitchen with his pal Dutch…I was so glad they could come!

The one picture with me and Jeff in it taken with Wendy’s Father’s IPAd

Our house is officially warmed!

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