Hurricane Irene

We are still without power and internet at home (not even an estimate yet for when it might come back on) so are at the lake for the week with limited access to internet. Thank you for your understanding if I take a bit longer to respond to emails and inquiries!!

Well I figured since we are in the midst of a second major storm I should blog about the first! I’ll try to post some pictures of the storm damage at our house this go around in the next few days.

Jeff and I rode out Irene at my Mom’s house in Northern Vermont and thankfully other than a few limbs down we didn’t suffer much damage. Other parts of Vermont were absolutely devastated by the storm so we were very very lucky.

Before the storm got really bad we drove down to the beach to watch the waves – all photos below taken with the I-Phone.
Strider decided to jump into the front seat since we were taking up the trunk 🙂