Interior House Tour

Yesterday I shared with you a house tour around the outside of our new home – now let me invite you inside! The whole house feels like home already and also feels like my Pinterest Dream House board come to life. It’s a great space – cozy, welcoming, and it gets a TON of light – very important to me! Step inside and enjoy the tour!

The door opens to this entryway. Do you like our Stephen Huneck print? We try not to take ourselves too seriously! The painting you see on the far wall is the watercolor of our wedding invitation (painted by my Brother Jon) framed with signatures of all our guests – we love it!

Kind of funny that the dog feeding station is the first thing you see but that’s us! The bench on the right I got off of Front Porch Forum for $50 – it’s perfect! The picture above is one of my Brother’s photos of the day – it’s a picture of me and my dogs walking at my Mom’s house in Shelburne. And do you see our adorable key hanger? It’s shaped like Vermont and was an Etsy find via Pinterest!

Before moving in we made a major change to the living room and dining room – knocking down most of that wall to make it a more open floor plan and let more light in the kitchen – we are thrilled with the result!

The kitchen from the living room

A cute little wall of art!

The living room/dining room combination. As it turned out we were able to put the cabinet we had taken out of the kitchen on top of an island we already had so we didn’t lose the space! The lamp above the dining room table is Layla Grace – it was recommended me to either Sarah or Blair – thanks to both of you for your ongoing decorating help!!

View from the door to the screened in porch.

Our favorite spot lately!

The wicker chairs were another $50 find from Front Porch Forum – woo hoo! We are in the market for a little bistro table for the porch as well.

Our master bedroom is on the first floor

Gotta give some love to my assistant doggies!

The bathroom we will re-paint since there is a spot on the wall where a cabinet was removed – check out my “decoration ideas” Pinterest board to see what we are thinking!

Upstairs we go! I have to say I really like having my office on a separate floor. After I finish for the day it’s less tempting to “just check one thing” on the computer – if I’m being really good I shut off my phone as well.

My office area is in a nook at the top of the stairs and ironically it’s the one place we haven’t hung pictures – we ran out and I kind of like the visually sparse look. We’re considering getting some canvases of our trip to New Zealand made….better get on that!

We’ve already had guests in our guest room!

Jeff’s office / another bed for overnighters!

And lastly the upstairs bathroom!

The basement is the one space that didn’t get photographed as we haven’t completely finished organizing things down there. There’s a finished space and also a great closet for storage with shelves.

Thanks for following along!