January Favorites

Yesterday marked my 1000 post on the blog. I designed a very short (less than a minute) survey to find out a bit more about my readers so if you haven’t taken it yet please click on the link below- THANK YOU in advance!!

I figured since it is now March I should get my act together and blog the rest of my January photos 🙂
My friend Alyssa came over with her pooch Sutton one weekend for dinner

We ended up going through my fabric stash – Alyssa is relatively new to quilting but gave me a ton of ideas for new projects!

Sutton is a frequent friend to Strider & Sage so after a lot of wrestling they were pooped!

Sage loves sleeping on the bed in the mornings….especially when the sun is shining to warm her up 🙂

My cutie patootie hubby and my sweet dogs 🙂

We hadn’t seen our friends Nellie & Erin in way too long so they kindly invited us over for dinner.

Brody is one of Strider’s oldest friends – Midge and their kitty are newer additions 🙂

Strider thought the cat bed was the perfect perch 🙂

Sage doesn’t have too much experience with cats. This kitty wanted to play but Sage was a bit unsure. Jeff and I are going away later this month so they’ll have almost a whole week to get acquainted with their kitty 🙂

We had A LOT of snow in January. This was the 2nd big storm although it wasn’t as large as this one. Still – my Michelle Obama arms are improving thanks to all the shoveling 🙂

Snuggle time 🙂

Strider hanging out on the bed pre headboard 🙂