Joe & Alyssa’s Hartford Engagement Shoot!

I had a great time bee bopping around the Hartford area with Alyssa and Joe scoping out locations and screeching to a halt when we found something cool 🙂 Alyssa is a good friend of mine from Junior League and it’s been fun getting to know them both over the last few months. They were good sports on a surprisingly chilly day! I had some fun with the post production for this one 🙂

They love visiting the swings on the playground near their house.

This was surprisingly difficult…..physics or something 🙂

How cute are they??!!

This tree is the oldest in Connecticut – somewhere between two and three centuries old. It’s called the Pinchot Sycamore….it’s trunk measures 26 feet around!

We found this awesome barn on the side of the road near Bloomfield….thankfully no one came out to yell at us 🙂

We all had a laugh about the guy behind Joe….I mean his shadow 🙂

Alyssa knows and supports my addiction for walls – what a gal 😉

This was in someone’s driveway but they weren’t home!

Jeff and I drove by the airport a few days ago right as a plane was landing and I got the idea for this shot. The picture in my head was more full frame plane with small people but it turns out even right next to the airport the planes are surprisingly high up. To get this shot we were driving around the perimeter of the airport and in the distance we saw a plane coming in. So Joe hits the gas and we screech to a stop when we get there and hop out running across the road and into a field where I promptly lie down….it was worth it!

Yes it was windy.

You guys rock!