Joe & Sarah’s Wedding at the Woodwinds! – Part 3

The reception got underway and there were big surprises in store that only four of us knew about…..

But first what would a reception be without a little dancing?


People got DOWN!

So two weeks before the wedding Sarah called and said she had something very special to talk to me about but I had to keep everything SUPER secret as the DJ and I were the only ones in on it. Mike Connolly actually came up with the idea and needless to say I was so psyched when I heard about it 😉

Joe and Sarah wanted to make sure they didn’t get dirty so they kindly tucked their napkins in to prepare themselves. I asked Jessica and Tony to go up there so they could be a part of this lovely ritual 🙂

Strange expressions on Sarah and Joe’s faces eh? It looks like they might be up to something! Tony looks happy though – he is so pleased for his best friend 🙂


I love how Jess sort of thinks this is funny but at the same time wonders if she is next 🙂

The back story is that Joe’s family has a tradition of outdoing themselves during the cake feeding/smash. In thinking how they could take the cake (!) Mike gave them the idea of involving Cousin Tony in the action….and it went from there. I think they have definitely won the prize and I’d love to see how ANYONE could outdo them!!

Thankfully Tony was very good natured about it 🙂

Back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Love the expression on Joe’s Mom’s face 🙂

When in doubt wear your centerpiece home 🙂

And now for a few details….

Sarah’s dress was BEAUTIFUL!

Loved the blue ink contrasted with the red and white tablecloth

And finally some cute childhood photos adorned the top of the cake.

I hope everyone has a great weekend – check back on Sunday night for the slideshow!