John & Kim

The stars aligned for this wedding. First of all the weather was perfect and the setting was stunning (Lake of Isles at Foxwood’s Resort) – there was great light all afternoon and through the cocktail hour and we had SO much time between the ceremony and the reception to photograph the bridal party and Kim & John. Everyone just seemed to be in a great mood all day and up for anything

One thing that helped greatly was that Kim & John arranged for a dedicated waiter to provide food and drinks during formal photographs. This meant that no one was worried about a rumbling stomach or was dying for a drink – everyone was happy and that meant cooperative (and they had a good time to boot!)

Thank you to Justin & Mary for another fabulous wedding! (a little sun flare on an autumn day)

Kim getting gussied up

These shoes were HOT 🙂 Any girl who can pull off metallic Fendi shoes on her wedding day is Stylish with a capital S!

Some people are very somber and serious during their ceremony but not Kim & John – they couldn’t stop laughing and were just generally having a grand old time

Did I mention the bridal party was cooperative and they had a great time? A tuxedo button was popped during the taking of this photo but no one was harmed 🙂

Of course the ladies were working it too

Yes – we had fun 🙂 Thumbs up for photos!

After we finished taking the bridal party photographs we were given a golf cart and a chauffeur to take us out on the course for some photos. Some passing golfers were more than happy to lend us their clubs – provided they were invited in for a drink during the cocktail hour 🙂

Golfcarts kept passing us by so we took advantge

Somehow from the personalities in the bridal party I knew the toasts would be good.

I love when little kids dance up a storm – it is too cute.

Thank you so much to Justin and Mary for a great wedding season and for Kim, John, and all their families and friends – I had a ball!