July 4th Weekend at the Lake!!

After a VERY busy June, July 4th was my finish line to relax with family and friends. Jeff had both Friday and Monday off and decided to take Thursday off as well so we headed up Wednesday night and I turned my phone OFF…..very important every once in awhile!

The left picture shows Jeff improvising dinner for Wednesday night (I had gone out with the girl’s before heading up to the lake so he was flying solo for dinner). The right picture is our Friday night dinner once our eight friends rolled into town – pizza!

On Saturday the annual quadrathalon was held (swim, run, kayak, and bike). We fielded one team and three individuals from our house!

Teams Herzberger cross the finish line!

Giles and Cathy after the race

That night we had our annual Marinade off in honor of my close friend Tom, who passed away two years ago. He was a lover of all things meat so we marinade in his honor each July 🙂 This year the theme was Kebabs and we also had a specialty drink contest.

On the left is one of our entries – a thyme lemonade. It was pretty good but the Raspberry Mint Lemonade was better
Giles & Cathy gave us the hammock as a wedding present so he feels free to commandeer it when necessary 🙂

We ate on the dock – so so summer 🙂

As the sun set we waited for the fireworks to begin – our dock is in the perfect spot!

After photographing the fireworks for awhile I decided to try and get a photo of the club lit up by the fireworks. My lens wasn’t quite wide enough to get both the fireworks and the club in one frame so this is the best I got 🙂

Sunday dawned rainy which was actually fine – it had been a very busy weekend! The boys played games on the porch while I did some sewing and reading

Jeff made hamburgers that night and we all ate on the porch

The rain cleared right before sunset so I headed down to the dock with my camera

Strider likes drinking from the lake 🙂

We took an impromptu family photo 🙂

And inside Sage snoogled up to take a nap

Monday was the July 4th sailboat race and the weather was perfect

Jeff won!

Ahhhh – happy summer memories 🙂