Kevin & Vanessa’s New York Engagement Shoot

Last week I drove down to New York for the evening to photograph Kevin & Vanessa on their home turf. They will be getting married in Ithaca, NY in August and I’m looking forward to re-visiting the town of my college alma mater and catching up with some old friends. They are getting married in a state park at the bottom of a waterfall….the same park where Jeff and I first exchanged I love yous 🙂 Needless to say I’m psyched for their wedding!

We found this great wall a block from their house

When Kevin grows up he wants to be a superhero 🙂

Vanessa wants to be a broadway star 🙂

This was the site of their engagement. Kevin took Vanessa on a wintry carriage ride through Central Park and tipped the driver off that something special was going to happen 🙂

We wanted to incorporate the skyline – all of a sudden Kevin launched Vanessa into the air!

We finished outside of the Time Warner Center and played with the lights from the traffic

Kevin and Vanessa – enjoy the rest of your planning and I’ll see you in a little over a month!