Kids – Don’t Try This at Home

January 1st marked the 5th Annual Tunxis Black Bear Plunge i.e. when Jeff and other seemingly intelligent people don their bathing suits and jump into the lake. No I don’t understand why they do it, but I’m always there to document it (that’s my excuse for not doing it myself…that and my good sense!)

This year it was snowy – the boys were not too psyched but since they had told some people about it and asked them to be there (or participate….there were no takers) they figured they couldn’t disappoint.

Giles brought a shovel just in case they needed to break through the ice – this has happened once.

The new kid on the block – Bridger 🙂

Excitement before

Still psyched…maybe a little cold

The plunge! (Strider was the lifeguard)

Run for your lives and warm up!

Bridger was a bit cold so had to be snuggled by Mom

Another year down – I wonder how many more years this madness will take place?? These are Jeff’s “Best Men” 🙂

Anyone care to join next year??!!