Kitchen Makeover!

Jeff and I continued making over our house one Sunday by painting the kitchen. It wasn’t terrible – just looked a bit dull and needed a re-fresh. I didn’t take true before pictures – just a few as Jeff was starting to remove the hardware off of the cabinets.

Notice how THRILLED he looks 😉

We love that yellow sink 😉

I have to say that while painting was nice it did give us the opportunity to really clean the kitchen and give it a good scrub – something we are not the best at.

I took a picture of the filth under the stove but am too embarrassed to share it. Suffice to say it was pretty gross!!!

Dirty cabinets with lots of fingerprints!

Pulling the appliances out from the wall means that our tiny galley kitchen was virtually impassible

My sweet sweet Husband volunteered to paint the nook behind the washing machine – I am a lucky woman 🙂

Clearly the paint fumes are going to my head 🙂

And now the after – not a huge change but just a bit fresher and airier.

I confess that I can’t remember the paint color and figuring it out would mean moving a number of suitcases that block the door of the closet where we keep the paint (oy…..the joys of living in a smaller house!) but if anyone is desperate leave a comment and I’ll make it happen.
The cabinets and trim are decorator’s white although we did have to use an oil based paint (stinky stinky!!) because some of our cabinets are metal

A similar angle and again not a huge huge difference – just a little brighter, lighter, and CLEANER!

Gotta love the dark wood paneling – we haven’t been brave enough to paint that….yet 🙂

The only other room in our house that we might get to is the bathroom which has some “interesting” wall paper. It would be a quick job so who knows – we might just make it happen!