Knitting Update!

So since my 1st hat i.e. mitten I’ve been busily perfecting my technique and knitting away!

I took a class at my awesome local knitting store Creative Fibers to learn how to knit in the round.

Have you seen those adorable little vegetable and fruit hats for little kids? This is the pattern for those hats….except I don’t really know how to make the strawberry seeds yet 🙂 So my next hat will probably be two colors but not be a recognizable vegetable or fruit. Basically I am trying to restrain myself from buying more yarn when I still have some that hasn’t been knitted…we’ll see how long I can resist 🙂

My poor dog who loves his Mom but loves the treats he gets after posing even more 🙂

And the hats I knitted before my first one “in the round” (with the mitten thrown in the there for scale purposes!)

Happy knitting 🙂