La Dolce Vita – Part 1 – Venice

We got back late Saturday night from our wonderful honeymoon in Italy so this is the first post of photos. I took about 1200, edited it down for personal use to ~350 so we’ll see how many I post here!! I was trying to figure out the best way to post the photos since some are of sites and others are more fine art. For now I’m just going to go by place!

So we started our trip in Venice although we had a 5 hour layover at the Madrid airport. This first picture is from there – the terminal is so beautifully designed with beams spanning from red through the colors of the rainbow – so elegant and unlike American terminals!

Aloha to Venice! We got to our hotel around 7:00, showered, and just headed out into the city to get lost. I had heard all about getting lost but we actually found it quite manageable and got to know many of the streets during our two days/three nights there.

Jeff and my travel style is this. Walk around. Come to a crossroads. Look both ways and go the way that looks more interesting….it’s very scientific and conducive to getting lost very easily. We recommend a map just so you can follow along generally where you are!

I love older Italians. They have an elegance and classiness about them. I only brought one lens – a 50 1.2….sometimes I wish I had my stalker lens because I felt weird asking to take their photo.

Pretty brickwork on the shores of Venice

Jeff is a sailor so we were thrilled to find out that there was a big sailboat race up a bit from Piazza San Marco…..great what you discover when you have no plan!

Due to the way we were dressed and the extremely long lines we didn’t go in….just ate gelato outside 🙂

We ate a lot of gelato.

The grand canal – fun to watch all the action go by!

The first of many door pictures. You know how I love walls? I’ve discovered a new obsession with interesting doors.

A little romance 🙂

We took a water taxi to Murano one day (our hotel provided it as part of our room rate….turns out they drop you off at a glass factory and you basically have a big sales session….we made it out of there without buying anything!)

We didn’t make it to Burano although I’ve heard that is a bit quainter and more scenic than Murano

Welcome to 2009. The bridge of sighs (the bridge condemned people would walk over on their way to prison….they would sigh) is now sold as advertising space. Oy.

Our last night there we headed north from our hotel and explored the other shore of Venice – much quieter and less touristy

Sorry to the vegetarians but this was one of my favorite dishes – beef carpacchio with arugula and often parmigiana reggiano……to die for.

Overall we enjoyed our time in Venice and I’m glad I’ve seen it… probably isn’t somewhere I’d visit again but I knew that beforehand – I’m a country girl! We really didn’t go into any of the touristy places – just walked by and experienced them. We walked all the way up to the eastern end of Venice which is much more residential and again fewer tourists – really enjoyed that. Murano we enjoyed – again just walked all around.

We liked our hotel and it was well situated – Santa Marina

We ate at some very good restaurants….
Algiubagio – Cannaregio – Fondamente Nove – on the north shore of Venice
Dogado Lounge (upstairs) – Cannaregio, Ca D-Oro-S. Felice

We got to Venice on a Saturday night and left Tuesday morning to take a train to Florence where we picked up our rental car (we couldn’t fit Florence in this time….I guess we’ll have to go back!)

More to come later….