La Dolce Vita – Part 2 – Tuscany (near Pizza…..or Pisa….take your pick!)

From Venice we took a train to Florence and rented a car. We rented GPS and it was honestly the best $100 we’ve ever spent – it made our lives SO much easier as we navigated around and we highly recommend it! As we were driving out of Florence the GPS kept mooing at us (very appropriate we felt!) and we couldn’t figure it out….turns out you can ask the GPS to let you know when you’re going over the speed limit….and also if you are driving on the wrong side of the road! Needless to say we turned both of those features off 🙂

For two nights we stayed with friends near Pisa which was just so relaxing and wonderful. They recently renovated an old Farmhouse and it is just beautiful.

A door at their neighbor’s house

Their magnificent view reflected in a door

Did I mention the view?

A wild boar’s head in Volterra – very common food in Tuscany which we sampled….quite good!

More stunning views – Volterra is high high up on the tippy top of a mountain

Our most favorite dish – Caprese salad

On the 2nd night Jeff and I took a walk and got lost. The bonus was we got lost in this beautiful field – we felt like we were in Lord of the Rings!

Typical Tuscan prettiness….impossible to do it justice! The poppies were out everywhere and I loved including them.

The main square in San Gimignano

When we left our friend’s house we were headed towards Singalunga where our hotel was but decided to stop in both San Gimignano and Sienna. In Sienna we parked at the bottom of an immense immense hill due to a parking restriction in the city. We were already pretty tired so I joked that I wished there was an escalator to the top. Jeff said “you wish” and then we turned a corner and there it was – heaven!!!

The “Zebra” church in Sienna

Coming next… the good life at Amorosa