La Dolce Vita – Part 3 – Tuscany (near Singalunga)

When our cousins heard we were going to Italy they described the hotel they recommended to us as “one of the most romantic places they’ve ever been to.” We were sold and carved out two nights on our trip to be there….we weren’t disappointed.

These next few images were all taken around Amorosa – it is honestly like something out of a book it’s so scenic….these are some of my favorite pictures of our whole trip.

This was our favorite breakfast spot. We also had a lunch there the first day that was honestly pure heaven – it consisted of a variety of salami, a bottle of pinot grigio, and chunks of parmigiana reggiano…..unfortunately my camera was back in the room since we had been sitting by the pool all morning 🙂

That first day we literally just didn’t do anything -it was pure indulgence. We sat by the pool in the morning but decided before lunch that we should probably not be total slackers so we walked around the vineyard. These next two photos are a great example of how important light is to photos – SO IMPORTANT! Notice the color of the buildings and vineyard.

This is high noon.

This is sunset…..bam.

Yeah the pool was pretty terrible 😉

I had a mini spaz attack when I saw this door – it involved spontaneous sounds and a little happy dance 🙂

Poppies + abandoned falling down building = one of my favorites of the trip

Cool architectural detail + pretty flowers = 🙂

This is also top 5 – I love how the flowers lead to the door

Come on – all of these photos were taken within steps of each other – it was SOOOOOO pretty!

Jeff got to the point where he was pointing out doors to me in case I was otherwise occupied 🙂

On the second day we ventured out to Montepulciano – more beautiful views ensued 🙂

And more pretty doors were photographed 🙂

Our last night – do we look relaxed or what? It’s like we took some valium and muscle relaxants 🙂

So basically we loved loved loved Amorosa and would highly recommend it as a romantic getaway.

Next stop….Positano and the Amalfi Coast!