La Dolce Vita – Part 4 – Positano & Amalfi Coast

After our indulgent time in Tuscany we got back to business driving down past Naples and to the Amalfi Coast. And I do mean business. Driving in Italy has a bad wrap which I actually for the most part don’t agree with. People in Italy know how to drive very well. The fast ones drive on the left, and the slow ones know how to stay out of their way….this is NOT the case in the US!

On the Amalfi coast the roads are so very narrow and there are constantly scooters darting across double yellow lines to try and get ahead – a little nerve wracking but you get used to it. Thankfully Jeff is a very good driver so I had nothing to worry about!

We had a late lunch when we got in….more pizza pizza 🙂

Beautiful Positano.

Love this picture.

Positano at night from our hotel balcony

The next day we did “The Path of the Gods” after eating lunch at Santa Croce in Nocelle….highly recommended.

The hike winds along the side of the mountain between the towns of Nocelle and Positano. Beautiful beautiful views and well worth it. At one point it forks and you can either go up into the mountains to Bomerano or down to the beach towards Praiano – we went down to the beach. The walk took us about 2 1/2 hours.

Did I mention you are in the mountains? Did I mention I’m scared of heights? I spent the hike looking down at the ground or to solid mountain on my left. I would only enjoy the view when sitting down 🙂

It was approximately 85 degrees….a little warm 🙂 Notice how my back is to the view!

Jeff was much braver than me….I took this photo when I was sitting down 😉

We finally got down to Praiano and followed these signs

Where’s Jeff?

The woman at the hotel told us the hike would take 6 hours and we definitely shouldn’t do the whole thing (I think she was concerned for our safety!). Jeff and I thought we could do the whole thing but I made him promise we’d go back by water….no more scary bus rides around hairpin turns! This water taxi for 20 euros was the best money we’ve ever spent! Our hotel (Hotel Miramare Positano) is the red building in the center of the frame – 221 steps down to town 🙂

The next day we took a boat ride (50 minutes) to the island of Capri. Taking a ferry costs 40 euros per person. For 20 euros more we rode on a speed boat with just two other couples and were taken all around the island with the guide pointing out various sights…..well worth it. Our guides name was Roberto – we made the reservation through the hotel.

Lovely colors in the town of Capri

A friend had recommended a restaurant on a small out of the way beach called Fontelina. We started walking down stairs from here.

We’re almost there! The restaurant La Fontelina was great – worth the walk!

Caprese salad on the island of Capri 🙂

A little limoncello to celebrate making it back up the mountain!

The light was so pretty

That night we ate at this great restaurant – lo guarracino which is towards a secondary beach – really great local food…..we highly recommend it. The other two nights we ate at Ristorante Max (loved it – would recommend it) and O’Capurale (didn’t love it….wouldn’t recommend it). We had lunch one day at Buca di Bacco which was yummy. There is a more formal restaurant upstairs which was highly recommended but we didn’t get there – instead we ate in the beachy touristy part (they also have great gelato here)