La Dolce Vita – Part 5 – Rome

We finished our trip up in Rome! The first night we got there was the European Soccer championship match so Manchester United & Barcelona fans were out in full effect. Unfortunately that also meant there was an alcohol ban that night….no wine for us!

We weren’t deterred though and started towards the Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, and the Trevi Fountain.

We enjoyed our hotel although the rooms were quite small – Hotel Le Petit.

Cute old guys in a park

Barcelona fans on the Spanish steps

That night we stumbled onto the MOST delicious restaurant – probably our best meal in all of Italy. It is a few blocks off the Piazza del Popolo – Ristorante Ad Hoc – GO THERE!

The Trevi fountain is beautiful at night…despite the throngs of people. Just find a spot and sit and enjoy

Watching the match

We went to the Coliseum the next day and joined a guided tour which was well worth it.

We stumbled upon another truly yummy restaurant – Trattoria Campo de Fiori – amazing caesar salad with bacon and hard boiled eggs….delicious.

We caught the end of the market at the Campo dei Fiori

And headed on to Piazza Navona where we enjoyed watching this fun street performer who maintains this position for crazy amounts of time!

This street painter reminded me of an artist I watched at Southstreet Seaport in NYC ages ago – so cool.

More gelato 🙂

Those of you who know me and my obsession with McDonald’s fountain coke will appreciate this 🙂 After 10 days I needed a fix. Much to my sadness it just doesn’t taste the same 🙁 I thought McDonald’s was supposed to be standardized!!!

More cute old people

Our last day in Rome we toured the Vatican

St. Peter’s Basilica. Each of these letters is five feet high. Yeah. It’s a pretty big church.

Our Vatican tour guide recommended a great place for lunch on the Piazza del Risorgimento – La Soffitta Renovatio – yum.

Timer fun along the River Tiber.

Our last night we dined in Piazza Navona at Tre Scalini – it was delicious. We sat outside but one row back which kept us away from the rose vendors who come up and harass you…much more peaceful.

Piazza Navona is such a fun scene at night – we just loved watching all the people go by and reminiscing about our wonderful vacation.

The Pantheon

At the Trevi Fountain these guys are everywhere trying to sell you a picture, tripods, spinning rainbow discs, marbles – everything.

I want a camera like his 🙂

Final funniness……when we landed in JFK my knitting ball jumped off my lap and proceeded to roll at least 20 rows ahead of us. So picture me as everyone is filing out of the airplane madly wrapping the extra yarn around my finger and trying to find the ball!!

Back to real life 🙂 Feel free to email me if you are traveling to Italy and want advice!