Lake Champlain Boat Ride

Today is my friend Wendy’s birthday so I thought it appropriate to do a Wendy themed post! As I think I’ve mentioned before my friendship with Wendy makes me believe in fate – we met at the Dry Cleaners about thirteen years ago and have been close ever since. We met when her boys were 1 and 3 so I was originally a babysitter but they have come to be like a second family to me. When we were up for our closing Tom & Wendy took us out on their boat for a picture perfect night on Lake Champlain.

Today I’m heading up Cascade mountain with Wendy, Jonas, and Aidan so wish us luck and send us strong legs!

(clearly I’m trying to pass this photo off as my own but it was in fact taken by Wendy’s talented son Jonas)

Here’s to buying a house!!

The men do manly things like figure out how to drive the boat (Tom was giving Jeff a lesson)

My beautiful friend Wendy!

Picture perfect night on the lake

Handsome boysies!

Willie was the only one who was brave enough for a swim although I’m not sure he was a willing participant!!

Dried off and back in action

Happy birthday Wendy!! I love you!!