Lakehouse Weekend and a Baby :)

Two weekends ago we were up at the lake with a group of friends….and a baby 🙂

It was a bit of an adjustment and definitely provided a glimpse of what the future may hold!

When the little one is this cute it’s hard not to be charmed 🙂

Play with me!

Jeff’s birthday was last Monday so his friend Amir made him this particularly impressive and delicious cake 🙂

Jen had celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago and Amir celebrated his birthday on April Fool’s Day so they all got involved 🙂

How big is Ellie? SOOOOO Big 🙂

Her hair is still pretty wispy but is starting to come in more

Ellie sitting on Jeff’s laugh doing her party trick 🙂

Please try to be as messy as possible 🙂

I loved the light on her head

Sage keeping watch over Ellie 🙂

On Sunday morning Giles made us these delicious muffins!

Another angle of the dog watch 🙂

Strider got in on the action as well!

We had a very fun time 🙂