Lakehouse Winter Weekend!

Jeff and I headed up to the lakehouse this weekend for a quiet winter break! Strider was psyched to have his friend Brody visiting for the weekend and they had a good time romping around in the snow 🙂

Brody likes to stretch out through the snow and eat it….very yummy 🙂

Cute Mr. Pooperface

Is it just me or does Strider look wolflike?

Snuggle time!

I was going to touch up Strider’s hair across his nose but thought it was a cute detail – they are bestest buds 🙂

You talking about me?

Yeah yeah more pictures hold still I know the drill

I need a nap.

Being a model is exhausting!

Can’t I just have a treat now please?

If you hold the bag of treats right next to the camera I will give you my full attention!

Strider doesn’t know it but on Sunday night we are going to visit his cousin doggies Grit & Cole before heading up to VT for a few days…..he is going to be a pretty excited pooch!