Laura & Zack

Choosing Amanda was the absolute best investment that we made during our wedding planning. Amanda is not only an extremely talented photographer, but she is likable, thoughtful and enthusiastic about what she does. She literally became more than a photographer to us – stepping up at key moments to make sure that our wedding went smoothly. There were so many moments throughout the day that I breathed a sigh of relief, whispering to myself a “thank god for Amanda”. She not only avoided possible ring bearer meltdowns as we took group photos (with three boys under four years of age), but she was able to get them smiling and posing, using her good humor and patience. She has skills with the kids.

Amanda has a lot of experience – which means that she is going to anticipate and think of things so that you don’t have to.  And then, I mean – just forget about that moment that you open up your photos for the first time and see how talented and skilled she is behind the camera. Her photos bring you back to that day in an instant – and you will have her beautiful and classic photos with you for a lifetime (as well as a family photographer for a lifetime).

Laura & Zack, May 14, 2011