Lila – West Hartford Kids Photographer

I hadn’t seen Lila in more than a year and she has really blossomed into quite an adorable young lady – very inquisitive and gregarious and always moving 🙂 We met up at Westmoor Park on a beautiful fall afternoon.

Spotting animals across the field

Watching the animals parade into the barn for the evening

About to make her next move 🙂

She loved throwing and being tickled by the leaves

More throwing of leaves and more giggling 🙂

We found a tree to perch in (and keep her in one place!)

Thankfully she loved it and games of peek a boo and tickling kept her occupied for a few minutes

What’s inside?

These last two are my favorites – I love the texture of her curls and the sparkle in her eyes 🙂

It was so nice to see you again!