Lillie & Annie

I spent last week up in Vermont visiting my Mom and working from her house between two Vermont weekend weddings. I had the pleasure of doing a few portrait shoots when I was up there and Lillie (7) & Annie (4) were one of them!

Their Mom was worried because Annie is going through a phase where she doesn’t like getting her picture taken. As a result we decided to do the shoot at my Mom’s house so they could play with my dogs and not worry about the camera – I think it worked 🙂

Annie REALLY liked the dogs 🙂 This shot cracks me up!

They also got a big kick out of the tractor but were disappointed when I wouldn’t turn it on 🙂

Lillie is a huge tree climber and goes HIGH!

The girls both were dying to go down to the beach so we complied – this windsurfer washed up last summer and has been a fun diversion since then – they liked captaining it around the shallow water

Mom and her girls 🙂

LOVE these two 🙂

Lillie was trying to get the hang of skipping stones and did a great job.

Love this one too.

The fields had just been hayed so we took advantage

We ended the evening in front of the garden but the dogs were back….this makes me laugh 🙂

I had such a great time exploring with you!