Little Aiden

Today I headed over to Mike’s house to meet his little boy Aiden, clean up, and generally boss him around and organize things 🙂

But first I met his 220 pound English Mastiff Max. I really just couldn’t get over how big this dog was – he could fit Strider’s whole head in his mouth!

Thankfully he’s a total love

His eyes are so big – if you look close you can see my reflection!

And little Aiden who has stolen everyone’s hearts

Snuggling with his beautiful Mom

And wide eyed in his crib. Already he turns his head when he hears the shutter….pretty smart little tike 🙂

Big hands little hands.


It’s Ashley & Mark’s wedding day! I’m so super psyched for their wedding at the Noank Baptist Church and Seamen’s Inne – photos coming soon!