Luke’s ACL Physical Therapy

A few weeks ago I went with some friends from the lake to see their Yellow Lab Luke undergo physical therapy for the ACL tear he suffered in April. I’d be hearing about the rehab department at Pieper Memorial since they started going shortly after his surgery so it was great to see where it all happens!

Luke is good pals with Strider & Sage so we are happy that he’s on the mend and soon will be able to play with them again – for now we can take him on leash walks.

Luke LOVES going to PT and I can see why – the staff (Luke works with Lauren) is so wonderful and they all love dogs!
This was what Luke did first – an underwater treadmill – very high tech!!

Luke loves holding something in his mouth and worked very hard the whole time – I’ve never seen him so focused!

Such a star 🙂

Lauren also took him swimming – she holds him in place (and holds on to the side for support!) so he can maximize his workout

Afterwards he was VERY tired but what a happy lab smile!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!