Maren & Sander

April 23, 2012

I hadn’t visited with these girls since 2008 and boy have they grown! We met up at Jonathan’s Dream playground in West Hartford which was lots of fun for the girls and it was a beautiful spring day. They had fun climbing, exploring, swinging, and sliding and I had fun chasing them around πŸ™‚

Little girl playing at playground


Girl climbing on tires


Girl playing on slide



Young girl at playground

After a snack we headed back home to their Grandmother’s house where they dressed up for me

Girls playing dress up

And then did the hula! Maren watched her Grandmother who was doing the dance and Sander watched Maren mostly but also stole a few glances at me to make sure I was paying attention πŸ™‚

girls doing hula


We finished outside with some outdoor games


little girl playing wiffleball

So great to see you all again!

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