Meggin, Evan, and the Belly!

I spent the morning after Ty & Lindsay’s wedding with Meggin, Evan…..and the Belly 🙂 What may have been a belly shoot turned into more of a lifestyle family shoot which is my favorite kind! Al was off at a bachelor party weekend for a future brother in law so it was just us! Meggin & Al have an AWESOME house – really beautifully decorated and just relaxed and casual….exactly the feel I want in our future house.

Evan is almost three and perfectly adorable 🙂

He sits in his chair at the counter and watches the cars go by (there aren’t too many!)


“A baby is in there Mama.”

We gave Evan the idea that he should fill up his gas tank through Mom’s belly and he was happy to comply. He practically parked the car on her belly 🙂

So we suggested that maybe the antenna could function as a hose and he agreed 🙂

I was trying to get a shot of his eyelashes but he looked up 🙂

Don’t know what expression he was going for here but I love it!

Ha – got them!

I LOVE the sign over the kitchen sink – something we can all remember

Since I was over Evan got a special treat – a chocolate Popsicle 🙂

Evan’s room is straight out of Pottery Barn Kids (or The Land of Nod – where the awesome flags are from). I aspire for my future child’s room to look this adorable one day!

When I saw those shelves I knew what I would put there the next time I came over….the newborn baby! I love how Evan’s eyes are just peeking over his parking garage 🙂

Evan wanted to keep the baby warm so piled all his blankets on Mom’s belly

And then snuggled the baby 🙂

Meggin was very game to fly Evan like an airplane 🙂

And the belly takes center stage!!

There is a really neat story behind the bracelet Meggin is wearing on her left arm. At her shower (no presents….just a celebration (love that too!)) all of her friends tied a purple ribbon around their wrist and agreed to wear it until the new baby was welcomed into the world. Very similar to the Bead Blessing we did at my cousin Lila’s shower

I can’t wait to meet the little one and hope he hatches soon 🙂


Enjoy your slideshow!