Mike & Alice’s Meridian House Wedding

Mike & Alice – April 30, 2011

Ceremony & Reception Venue – Meridian House
Alice’s Dress – Jenny Lee
Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Jenny Yoo
Florist – Enchanted Florist Old Town
Event Coordinator – Alexandra Kovach
Caterer – The Catering Company of Washington
Band – Amaretto
Cake – Fluffy Thoughts
Lighting – Frost Lighting
Transportation – Reston Limousine
Yesterday I posted about Mike & Alice’s Rehearsal Dinner – today it’s the main event! Alice and I went to high school and were on the same swim team together so I was tickled when she asked me to photograph her wedding. As she started to describe what she wanted from her wedding I knew we’d be a good fit – a personal and informal celebration with their friends and family surrounding them. Her two sisters and Mike’s son Zach would make up the bridal party and the Judge that introduced them would also marry them. She described the venue as very elegant and somewhat formal but knew that the spirit of the event would be casual and relaxed. I can say that they knocked it out of the park 🙂
Saturday morning started off with her close girlfriends joining her for a buffet luncheon. From there everyone went upstairs to the light filled master bedroom to get ready. Her girlfriends left to enjoy DC and get ready and it was Alice and her family left to hang out, chat, and just generally be hilarious and keep me in stitches 🙂

The scheduling was wonderful and we had more then enough time meaning that everyone was relaxed and there was no stress – it’s amazing what an effect on the feeling of the day a well thought out timeline can have!

Alice’s Dad stayed out of the fray for the most part and read the paper in his office 🙂

The flowers were delivered and stored in the fridge 🙂

Both her sisters and her Mom joined in to help Alice dress

And when they stepped back Alice had transformed into a bride

Alice’s Dad highly approved 🙂

And seeing Mom all dressed up made everyone cry again 🙂

We headed outside for a few informal family and bridal portraits

The flowers really popped against the beautiful dresses

We got to the Meridian House about an hour before the ceremony which allowed me to photograph the details and also capture candids of the guests arriving. The weather (which had been a bit chilly the day before) was perfect and springlike so everyone naturally spilled out into the garden.

Each room had a different color scheme and various shades of flowers

Charlotte looked cute as a button all dressed up 🙂

Mike & Zach greeted and mingled with guests

A few more details

And then it was time to begin!

Abigail and Charlotte were a little unsure of how to approach the big long aisle but then all of a sudden they spotted their Moms at the other end and took off running.
“I did it Mommy” Charlotte said as she reached her arms – it was pretty stinking adorable 🙂


The ceremony was personalized with two readings and the seven blessings, read by family members

I kept coming back to the flowers – so simple but so beautiful.

Mr. & Mrs. 🙂

We did a few quick family portraits but Mike & Alice were more interested in being with their guests and enjoying the wedding

Love this one.

I love natural light candids!

Alice’s Dad welcomed everyone and explained the format which was very open – dinner would be buffet and station style and people were free to do as they wished!

Since Zach was a bit young to give a toast of his own Alice had been asking him questions in the months leading up to the wedding to gather material such as:

“What do you love about your Dad?”
“What’s your favorite thing to do with him?”
Zach’s answers revolved a lot around the fact that Mike always plays baseball with him 🙂
It was perfect 🙂

Alice’s sisters gave a wonderful toast that included a few embarrassing (but mostly hilarious) revelations – love this one 🙂

Alice & Zach shared a dance

(notice Liz & Dan in the background of the top right hand photo – Brian & Ashley were also guests – so fun to see former brides and grooms!)

Milk and Cookies were brought out near the end of the night to keep people fueled 🙂

Mike & Alice – what a wonderful celebration and representation of your love for each other – enjoy and much love!