Mike & Becca’s Martha’s Vineyard Rehearsal Dinner

As I made jam on the Thursday afternoon before Labor Day I kept watching the forecast for news of Hurricane Earl and waiting from a call from Becca. I had heard earlier that day that all ferries on Friday were due to be canceled so late that afternoon I decided to drive down to the Cape that night to see if I could get out to the island before Earl hit.

As it turned out the ride across was totally uneventful, calm, and beautiful and as a result I got to enjoy spending the day exploring the Vineyard (it was my first time!) and tooling around….lots of fun 🙂

The police had suggested that all businesses and roads be closed at 2 PM so I headed over to the Brendler’s house to see what the scoop was. Becca & Mike were there and just totally embracing it and making the best of it – smart to do when you can’t control the situation 🙂 As a result everyone just rallied around and had a marvelous time.

I wasn’t originally supposed to photograph either the rehearsal or the dinner but with a hurricane barreling towards us I felt a little nervous about riding it out in a hotel room alone so they welcomed me with open arms into their celebration and I brought along my camera as thanks 🙂

You might remember that Mike & I went to high school and shared captaining duties for our swim team and were the respective heads of the acapella groups so it was nice to see his family again and get to know Becca. Our older Brothers are also good friends so it felt like a reunion 🙂

I hadn’t met Becca’s family before but they just couldn’t have been nicer – her sister Cara and her Husband Chris were great!

Becca got a little emotional when she saw Mike and it hit her that it was finally here 🙂

The flower girl Phoebe was ADORABLE and was absolutely tickled pink that she got to be in a wedding 🙂

I love watching the parent’s enjoy the weekend!!

And meet Bodie my doggie replacement for Strider & Sage all weekend. He was Becca’s dog and now he is Becca & Mike’s dog and he just wandered around and hung out all weekend and didn’t seem too bothered at all by all the activity around him!!

Becca and her Dad are very close and I loved watching them all weekend too

Phoebe hams it up with the poochies!

And everyone reacts to Phoebe 🙂

Things are about to get underway but the Brothers Olcott are just hanging out and joking around 🙂

Love these two 🙂

A beautiful setting for a wedding

Mike lived in Florida for the first few years of his life and his favorite food was Cuban so the Olcott family pulled out all the stops and cooked from scratch an absolutely delicious meal that included bread flown up that morning (despite Earl!) from Florida!

Bodie listens to the toasts 🙂

Becca & Mike are so expressive 🙂

The toasts were a mixture of sweet, funny and joking 🙂

After Jacob & Allie’s wedding I was looking forward to seeing the Dissipated Eight perform again and I wasn’t disappointed – I got to see them TWO nights in a row 🙂

Mike still brings down the house with his singing

Some sparkly shoes (Becca) and Bodie 🙂

Mike gave an amazing toast to his soon to be wife that had us all laughing and crying.

Mike’s Dad toasts the couple while Mike’s Mom keeps working cutting up her delicious brownies 🙂

The girl on the left told a hilarious story about Mike that is not blog appropriate 😉

I love the reaction on the bottom!

Stay tuned for some wedding photos coming tomorrow!