Mike & Becca’s Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Photos

Mike & Becca – September 4, 2010
Ceremony & Reception – Private Home, Martha’s Vineyard
Caterer – Perry Ambulous – Truly Scrupmtious
Florist – Petal Floral Design (the bride!)
Becca’s Dress – Cymbeline Paris
Becca’s Shoes – Kate Spade “Charm”
Rentals – Seaside Celebrations

Check out rehearsal dinner photos HERE

By Saturday morning “Hurricane” i.e Tropical Storm Earl had come and gone and the day dawned spectacularly for Mike & Becca’s day.

I loved the sign that announced their driveway and led people to the wedding.

A few details of the ring pillow and Mike & Becca’s answer to the guestbook – cards were engraved with the words “Love is” and guests were invited to share their thoughts.

HOW FABULOUS ARE BECCA’S KATE SPADE SHOES?????!!!!!! I think they might take the cake for my favorite shoes of the season so far.

The ladies amused Becca by dancing around while she was getting her hair done 🙂

She was VERY happy with the result.

Meet Higgins i.e. Higgy – Becca’s nephew doggie…..so cutie!!

Meanwhile next door at the boy’s house Mike got a little shave before the wedding

The boys were gifted Converses and purple pocket squares….they looked sharp!

Becca’s Mom’s dress was actually a bridal gown that she found on sale and had dyed – quite creative!

Becca is an amazing florist and despite a Hurricane threatening to ruin her plans the bouquets and boutonnieres were spectacular and so unique.

Becca was thrilled as she donned her gown….the ceremony was getting closer!

Love this one of Becca, her sister Cara, their Mother, and of course Phoebe the flower girl 🙂

Bodie was the welcoming committee

The boys took a moment before the ceremony to reflect and toast 🙂

And then it all began 🙂

Did I mention the beautiful bouquets?

I love when couples stand next to each other for the readings – it makes it more intimate and of course….makes for great pictures 🙂

Mike & Becca did a take on the seven blessings – a song was sung and poems and readings were given – it was wonderful

Bodie was so sweet during the ceremony – he sort of wandered around, lay down next to his family, walked around some more. For the vows their officiant had to politely ask him to move so Mike & Becca could join hands 🙂

Love these.

The ribbons hung from the branches were a beautiful touch that provided visual movement and interest

Things did get a little emotional at times….good thing Mike was right there 🙂

The light on Becca was beautiful.

The left picture is so Becca 🙂

Becca’s sister Cara sweetly held on to her veil (which she also wore at her wedding) during the ceremony so it wouldn’t blow around 🙂

This might be my favorite recessional shot ever.

One good looking bridal party and a pretty neighbor’s house made for great photos.

Becca took a break while Mike had his portrait taken

Fancy footwear 🙂


Love this one.

Some reception details – table names were favorite songs and a beer wheelbarrow provided refreshment

An upstairs balcony provided the perfect vantage point for a whole wedding shot!

The parents got their boogie on as they entered the reception 🙂

And Cara and baby entered the dance floor in style 🙂

As did the Mr & Mrs. of course….and Bodie too 🙂

This was my first time photographing a wedding without a tent…..just sky….provided some beautiful light!


Similar to the Rehearsal Dinner the toasts were pretty amazing.

I love when brides take off their veil but something decorative still remains – the feather was perfect.

Mike’s Brothers hammed it up and gave a great toast.

There was even a song to rival the D8 who performed later!

Pure happiness 🙂

My favorites.

This sums up the wedding for me – love it.

Becca’s Dad was mad that he didn’t get converses like all the guys so he bought some for himself….and for Mike’s Dad too!

Of course Mike had to sing a song for his new wife….Bodie listened too 🙂

Happy happy.

A few more reception details.

Now that the light was less harsh we walked down the road a bit for a few more portraits….a very impressive dip 🙂

The boys from the Disippated Eight brought down the house.

A little fun with the tripod and a long exposure got a nice scene setter

The hora!

A huge Middlebury contingent 🙂

The fabulous Jacob & Allie – my May 1st couple 🙂 (and a photobomber)

A final parting shot 🙂
Mike & Becca – what a truly awesome weekend – thanks for welcoming me with open arms (literally!) and making me feel totally at home! You guys are the best.