Mike & Mia’s Shelburne Farms Wedding

June 14, 2015


Mike & Mia were married on May 30 with a ceremony and reception at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, VT.

Mia told me that she and Mike met while they were living together in the summer between their sophomore and junior year at Middlebury College. They both were actually dating other people, but quickly realized that they needed to end those relationships and have been together ever since!

I’ll let her tell you of the special proposal in her own words:
“Last August we took a trip to Paris and Mike proposed the day we arrived in the Luxembourg gardens!! We had the rest of the vacation to celebrate. He had asked my mom & brother for permission apparently well before [we went] and worked with my now maid of honor to pick out the ring of my dreams. Once I said yes we celebrated with dinner in the Marais district of Paris!”

The day of the wedding, the ladies were in full getting ready mode when we arrived – with 11 bridesmaids + a few other special ladies it had been an early start!

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0100 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0101

I loved this moment when Katie joined hands with her bridesmaid Ari towards the end of her makeup – the rest of the girls were out on the porch taking a photo so the hubbub had died down and it was just so simple and sweet.


Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0103 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0104

We walked from the Glass House up to the Inn in a festive procession with Mike’s sisters holding Mia’s dress up and everyone wearing their matching Tom’s white shoes!


While the girls were getting ready, my second shooter, Alanna Scully, met up with the boys in the White Room, where they were donning their ties and then headed to the North Porch to meet up with Julia from A School House Garden to get the boutonnieres on.

From there Mike & Mia had their first look and we did all the family and bridal party portraits in the garden.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0106 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0107 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0108 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0109 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0110 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0112 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0113 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0114 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0115 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0116 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0117 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0118 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0119

The Ketubah signing took place in the library and afterward Mia & Mike presented their parents with beautifully personalized gifts which were clearly perfectly selected.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0120 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0121 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0122

I wish I could remember what this item is called but apparently a friend of Mike & Mia’s make these blazer/jersey combos, and Mike’s Dad has been wanting one for years – I love his expression when he realized what his present was. It was a priceless moment and he donned the jacket during dinner and wore it for the rest of the night!

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0123 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0124

A horse and carriage waiting outside took Mia and her Mom and Brother down to the Coach Barn, and the boys walked down the hill.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0125 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0126

Mia’s Dad sadly passed a few years ago, but this lovely memorial table greeted guests as they walked into the Coach Barn. His favorite line “It doesn’t get any better than this” was referenced many times, and clearly he was present in everyone’s hearts.


Since it had been threatening rain all day, the ceremony had been moved inside so people mingled, nibbled and drank before things got underway

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0129 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0130 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0131 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0132 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0133 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0134 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0135 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0136 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0137 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0138 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0139 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0140 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0141 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0142 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0143 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0144 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0145

After the ceremony, Mia & Mike were whisked away in the carriage for some alone time, before doing some portraits down by the lake, and rejoining the cocktail hour which was in full swing.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0146 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0147 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0148 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0149 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0150 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0151 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0152 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0153 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0154

The skies opened right as dinner began!

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0155 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0156

Mike’s mother created this amazing quilt to adorn the Chuppah – being a quilter myself I was simply astounded by the level of detail and love that went into this and I know it’s something that their family will treasure for generations!


The incredible staff from Let’s Pretend weren’t afraid of getting wet and created this tunnel of umbrellas to keep the bridal party dry as they were announced into the tent!

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0158 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0159

After Mia’s Mom gave her welcome, wedding planner extraordinaire Sabrina calmly announced that due to lightning in the area the tent had to be evacuated! Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0160 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0162

People rolled with it and after 25 minutes we were able to head back into the dinner tent which was in the Coach Barn courtyard. A yummy dinner was served by Let’s Pretend Catering (nothing ruffles them!) and then there were the MOST wonderful speeches.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0163-2 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0163 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0164-1 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0166

The icing of the dinner was when Mike’s sister Katie sang Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros Home, which has always been Mike & Mia’s song….I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house including mine! It was so wonderfully personal down to the talking part of the song which detailed the first time Katie & Mia met and their hug – because Katie “knew she was the one.”

Even thinking about it now gives me chills! I can’t wait to see Joel’s video of the evening! I am SO glad they had him there to capture it on video!!

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0167 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0168-1

It was so sweet to watch Mike’s parents proudly looking on.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0168 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0170

I have to say I’ve had a lot of things happen during my time as a wedding photographer, but the tent evacuation was a first! It was clear from a night like this why you hire people who are experienced and people you trust – between Sabrina, Erin from Shelburne Farms, Liane & Daniel from Let’s Pretend, and the wonderful staff at Vermont Tent they were all working seamlessly together to fix any problems!


Mike & Mia cut the cake and then gave a thank you speech that was similarly memorable and heartfelt.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0172 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0173

Instead of tossing her bouquet Mia gave it to, as she said: “the one person I want to catch it” – Mike’s sister Megan whose long-term boyfriend Andy was one of the groomsmen.


With that people moved into the west hall for the dancing! Mia & Mike shared a first dance followed by Mia dancing with her Grandfather who had the BIGGEST smile on his face the whole time.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0175 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0176 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0177 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0178 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0179

Mike’s Mom began dancing with Mike, but soon his sisters, then Nanny and then Grandmother cut in – there are a lot of wonderful women in his life!

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0180 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0181 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0182

Then it was time for the Horah, which is such a fun tradition and this was a great group with tons of energy to keep things going! The west hall heated up and the band Joey Scott and the Connection kept everyone on the dance floor.

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0183 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0184 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0185 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0186 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0187-1 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0187

During all the dancing, Let’s Pretend brought out some late night food and American Flatbread had their oven fired up under a tent – fueling people until the midnight sparkler getaway in the rain – what an amazing day!!

Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0188-1 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0189 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0190 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0191 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0192 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0193 Shelburne-Farms-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0194

Mike & Mia – your families made us feel SO welcome and it was such a privilege to be there as you became Mr. & Mrs! It is abundantly clear how in love you both are with each other and how much you love the people around you – I wish you all the happiness in the world as you embark on your married life!


Venue :: Shelburne Farms
Caterer :: Let’s Pretend Catering
Florist :: School House Garden
Wedding Planner :: Sabrina Brown
Videographer :: Joel Boucher
Rentals :: Vermont Tent Company
Invitation :: Beverly from Paperscapes
Band :: Joey Scott & The Connection
Mia’s Dress :: Vera Wang
Bridesmaid’s Dresses :: Amsale
Hair & Makeup :: Edo Salon


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