When I was in Vermont last week I had a day of visiting cousins…..first Miss Mirabelle and then Rowan (pictures of him soon). You may recognize Mirabelle as the baby in the banner above – she has the most amazing eyes and now has a burgeoning personality to match. It was fun to see Jen (Mirabelle’s Mom) and Auntie Heather and explore their house and extensive gardens….very cool.

We started by reading stories inside.

Then Mirabelle put on her hat and headed outside…..this lady has style!

Mirabelle loves saying hello to the chickens and visiting with them

And she also loves her wagon

A lot!

She likes exploring the garden and feeling dirt between her fingers

But also takes time to smell the tulips 🙂

Since she lives on a road that has about one car per hour the walk to the neighboring farm is another opportunity for discovery

She loves saying hello to the cows and seeing what they are up to

But mostly at the end of a day of exploration she loves snuggling with her Mom

I had such a fun visit and can’t wait to come back soon!