Missy & Amy’s Deerfield Engagement Photos

This is a very special couple to me as Amy and I go back….way back.

Feast your eyes on this gem – Amy is in the rainbow and I am in the orange jumpsuit – sophomore year of high school at the Denunzio Disco.
We loved to dress up in high school and this was one of the first opportunities of the year so we went all out. I believe I am sporting some silver eye shadow….I know you’re jealous.

Our other sidekick Sarah is sporting the green star shades and the multi-colored glitter tube top – boys come on over 😉

Amy contacted me last spring to share the happy news that she and Missy were engaged and we all had lunch to get re-acquainted.

Missy & Amy’s wedding will mark two very cool firsts for me – the first time I will photograph a wedding outside of the U.S. (St. John!) and also the first same-sex wedding I will photograph – I can’t imagine a more fun couple to share both firsts with.
Appropriately we ventured back to the place where we met and did our photos at Deerfield. It was Missy’s first daytime trip to campus and since the kids were on break we had the run of the place and gave her the full tour. We had a grand time and with their sidekick brown lab Tiggy sniffing around we never stopped laughing.

The weather was gorgeous and the light was so soft and ethereal

Tiggy a.k.a. Tiggles 🙂

Missy was a sport to haul herself up on this wall after recent knee surgery – it was worth it 🙂

Love this quieter one.

Tiggy brings it back to her 🙂

Out on the small loop where Amy (not so much me) logged many miles jogging

I can’t WAIT for next July and can’t wait to hang out in the meantime 🙂