More photos from the shootout……

Check out the group shots HERE and the individual shots HERE


Here is Paul looking AWESOME in his sharp duds. He is clearly psyched up for the shoot out.

We started out the evening with a group shot (courtesy of Justin and Mary at Imagine Imaging).

And we’re off…..
We started with Theresa who didn’t really want to have her photo taken at all. We had to employ some sneaky tactics to get her to relax and laugh (having her husband Matt imitate her laugh!) We know she is beautiful.

Then we shot Heather who has amazing hair that was catching the light just right:

Meanwhile our beautiful PUG leader Mary walked by….

And I turned around and saw this scene – the paparazzi capturing SteveDepino(.com)

Then Travis braved the chilly New Haven waters to set up the perfect shot…. (this reminds me of the faceless businessman painting in Thomas Crowne)

And he and Carla went to town and were both very brave…

Once back on dry land Carla shot away some more….

And then they turned their attention to me. This photo is courtesy of Carla

Then we took our group shot (also courtesy of Carla)
And then we turned our attention to Carla herself (she thought that was pretty funny). Carla is awesome – she has such high energy and it just spreads to those shooting with her.

Things were getting crazy so .com had to come check it out and take some video.

The shoot out was over but we couldn’t stop. Before going in to change I grabbed one last shot of Krystal from Studio Foto

Such a fun night everyone – thanks to Carla, Mary, and Justin for organizing and to Jacklyn for hosting – you guys are awesome!