Motorcycle Ride

While I was up in VT at the end of the summer between two weddings Jeff came up for a visit and trailered his motorcycle. I’ve said before that I never thought I’d marry someone with a motorcycle but it is a great way to really see the landscape and countryside in a way you don’t when riding in a car. We’ve only done a few long rides together but Vermont has so many beautiful roads perfect for exploring.

That day we went up to the Champlain Islands. The way we ride: Come to a fork in the road. Look left. Look right. Go the way that looks more interesting (also the way we travel!)

Right beside the lake (don’t remember the town) we came upon this grove of trees with colorful birdhouses on each and every one – there were hundreds and it was quite a site to see!

My hubby and his (Kawasaki) Ninja 🙂

Me: Vroom vroom 🙂

(don’t worry – I only ride)

Pretty day on the lake

It was hot so we took a break to enjoy the view.

Ahhh….summertime 🙂

(all photos taken with I-Phone)