Moving to Vermont!

After packing up in Connecticut I headed north in my car while Jeff drove the truck. I arrived happily to my little house and had a few minutes alone before the gang arrived – nine of us in all so the unpacking went very quickly! Wendy stayed in the kitchen cleaning and organizing and everyone else shuttled things inside, upstairs and downstairs – it was quite a team! My heart was VERY full as so many of the people I love came together to help us get settled and everyone kept saying “welcome home” – it certainly felt like that already.

Fia tested out the wood floors before the moving truck arrived!

Jeff arrives!

Ave gets him as close as possible to the house….easier to unload!

Everything survived and there were no casualties of our somewhat haphazard packing job!!

Fia gets right in there

That’s a lot of stuff!

Heidi went to pick up Pizzas from Pizza on Earth and Fia kept a close eye on them while we finished unpacking the last items

Then everyone settled in for pizza, beer and salad- life is very very sweet.

Jeff and Fia have a chat

And last but not least the motorcycle comes out! We had picked up a bed off of Craig’s List for Fia so that went to their house the next day

A HUGE thank you to our movers – Tom, Wendy, Jonas, Michael, Vera, Heidi, Ave, and Fia!!!! We love you all!!

Next up…..settling in and a house tour!