So I am writing from our new (rented) house in Windsor, CT. Most everything is unpacked and we are settling in and getting adjusted. It is so nice to be closer to our jobs (10 minutes instead of a 45 minute commute).

We are also psyched to be near a school where we can walk Strider off leash and let him enjoy swimming and fetching in a tributary of the Connecticut river. He is so psyched to be back on off leash walks – he was prancing during our first morning walk as if to say – I’ve missed this – thank goodness it’s back!

Strider was a big help as we were packing the truck

He thought it would be MOST helpful if he lay RIGHT in front of the door.

Cardinal rule of moving: there is ALWAYS more stuff than you think there is.

I think I’ll drive.

My boys headed out in the truck. I followed in our packed TO THE GILLS car….I could almost see out both side mirrors and was using them to watch for cops hoping I wouldn’t get pulled over 😉 Luckily it was a (relatively) short drive.

Our cousins Will and Sarah came to help us unpack (THANK YOU!!) and they brought their pooches Grit and Cole to help. Strider loves his coozan doggies and hope they will come visit again soon!

We are renting a ranch house that has some “character” – it’s actually quite cute and cozy. This cracks me up though – all over the house there are lightswitch plates so now whenever I leave a room I say “Outen the lights” – Jeff is HIGHLY amused 🙂

With my Type A personality it absolutely KILLED me to go to bed with our office looking like this but have no fear – I got up early this morning and with Jeff working this afternoon our office is now pristine and up and running (with Strider’s bed in the corner of course!). And yes those are butterflies on the wall. As I said – this house has character and A LOT of potential.

Tomorrow I head to VT for a few days of R & R with my Mom and Brother.

Good night – OUTEN THE LIGHT 🙂