Multi Generation Family Reunion Photographs

Last month I flew down to Florida overnight to pinch hit for a friend who was having emergency back surgery and couldn’t make the trip to do a family portrait shoot.

When I got the email explaining the family (31 people, 19 children, 10 of those kids are under four) I admit that I was a tad intimidated but from the moment I landed I was welcomed with open arms and immediately felt right at home.

This family lives all over the country but tries to get together as a whole at least once a year – not an easy thing with so many different schedules. This year it happened in Florida because one of their daughters has four month old quadruplets (!!) so wanted to be able to drive to the destination.
They rented condos along the beach and everyone had a blast.
I got there in the middle of the afternoon and jumped right in – photographing the kids who were awake and on the beach.
Blaine and Grey talk turkey as they take a walk 🙂

Grey loved being in the waves

Grey (top left) and Linden loved being in the pool

Once everyone ate an early dinner we started with individual family shots – trying to find some shade on such a bright afternoon! The dunes were a bit windy but we worked quickly and I had a great assistant – the matriarch of the family Susan who has an uncanny ability to make chicken noises 🙂

Alexander was not too psyched to be out of Mom’s arms!

Sylvia and Jack were champs at funny faces 🙂

Callie is the oldest Grandchild and helps keep everyone in order in the very best way 🙂

We took a break to go inside while the next family finished eating. Here is Grandpa John and Yates 🙂

Susan snapped this one of me and Linden playing in the waves 🙂

Blaine and Hayes were next with their Mom and Dad. Susy is pregnant so they will welcome a new sibling later this year!!

Chris and Christy were great and were the connection with Erica the original photographer. Christy is also pregnant so next year there will be 21 grandkids!!

Love the blonde 🙂

And last but not least Grey and her nine month old Brothers and Sisters Mac, Yates, Fitz, and Mimi – everyone loves having the babies around 🙂

With all the families photographed individually we headed out onto the beach for the main event – trying to get 31 people to all look the same way at the same time was a challenge but everyone was cooperative and there was a lot of laughter 🙂

After everyone changed into t-shirts that had been custom made for the occasion and we all hung out on the beach

The kiddos all got popsicles and we attempted a photo of Susan & John with all their grands – it pretty much worked 🙂

Then the Quads changed and got their own moment in the sun 🙂

The littlest ones went inside to change for bed but the older ones stayed on the beach to play in the beautiful light

Susan and John on the left and all the men on the right 🙂

Bocce got quite competitive (in a friendly way!)

And then it was inside for freshly made ice cream sandwiches courtesy of Callie. Yum 🙂

A little dance party got started

Each year they make a video of the family reunion and it has become a tradition to watch the older ones. The kids are fascinated to see themselves at a younger age and it is fun to see them grow up and to hear how their voices have changed 🙂

What a neat extended family!

Alexander and I made friends at the end since he thought my camera was totally irresistible 🙂

Thank you SO much for being so welcoming and for such a fun afternoon – you are a very very special family!