New Orleans

I spent last weekend in New Orleans with my good friend Carter. Cartie and I have been friends since kindergarten but we haven’t lived in the same place in a looooong time so this was a great opportunity to relax and really catch up. Carter is in her third year of med school down in NOLA and ever since she started I’ve been meaning to get down there….it finally happened!

Many people love photographing things when they travel and take hundreds and hundreds of photos but I tend to hang back a little and experience things in person….instead of behind the lens. It’s always interesting to see what catches my eye – in this case it was mostly patterns, textures, and design.

Carter lives a few blocks away from the St. James Cheese Company. I am a dairy queen and especially love cheese so this restaurant was PERFECT.

This might be my ideal meal – fresh arugula with pears, slivered roasted almonds, quince dressing, and lots of CHEESE on top 🙂

After lunch we stopped by the Creole Creamery for a cone to enjoy on our walk….YUM. No picture of that – just straight out deliciousness 🙂

I wasn’t brave enough to try crawfish but I did photograph them 🙂

I love stones – the texture, color, pattern, etc.

Blue is my most favorite color 🙂

This kitty was chilling on a stoop

On Saturday night we headed to the French Quarter and ate at Eat New Orleans – a lesser known gem! I had the redfish (a New Orleans specialty) and it was delish!

After dinner we headed to the “med school prom” which was held at The Presbytere – a museum dedicated to Mardi Gras. It was great to get a little culture and learn more about this New Orleans tradition

On Sunday it was 80 so we spent a bit of time just relaxing out by the pool….spring has definitely sprung in New Orleans!

This sign caught my eye and I just thought it was a great logo

This one too -a high end candy and confection shop

I’ve never seen anything like this – right outside a pub

Thanks for a great trip Cartie!