Norah’s Birth

I’m quickly learning that many of the cliches about motherhood are cliches for a reason – they’re true! Needless to say I’ve taken JUST A FEW photos of Norah since she arrived so it took me awhile to sit down for long enough to edit them. So far I’m through November – we’ll see if I can stay that caught up on an ongoing basis!!

I went into labor very unexpectedly ten days before her due date. For those who follow along on my Instagram feed you might remember that Norah was in the frank breech position – doesn’t look very comfortable! She had been in that position all along and we kept hoping/thinking she’d turn. As I ticked closer to 36 weeks (when most babies naturally have turned) I tried everything – chiropractic, acupuncture, inversions, moxibustion, and finally a manual version but she was staying put! We learned that she was above 90% for size so assumed she didn’t have room to turn. As a result we had a c-section scheduled for November 27th but she had other plans….which was just fine with us! All through my pregnancy I had pictured my birth a certain way (minimal intervention and as natural as possible) so I did go through a bit of a mourning period to change my perception of how she’d arrive but it was a good first lesson in parenthood – it’s not about me! And I came to the conclusion that as long as she was healthy and I was healthy very little else mattered.

So that afternoon I had a midwife appointment, went shopping and then did some work. I finally started paying attention to the stomach cramps I’d been having for a few hours and thought “huh – maybe this is it.” So I casually strolled downstairs and said to Jeff “I think I might be in labor.” We took the next half an hour to pay more attention to what was happening and eventually called our midwife who told us to come on in! We had had our bags packed for a few weeks (on the recommendation of a friend who had gone into labor five weeks early!) so we gathered the last of our supplies, called our friend to come get our dogs and headed to the hospital! Along the way we called our parents and siblings to let them know what was happening although I had to hand Jeff the phone once or twice as I breathed through a contraction. We got there and they confirmed I was indeed in labor (it was around 8 PM) and said they thought I’d have a baby by midnight – wow! It took two more hours to get everything organized and at 10:51 she was here – what a moment!

As you can see her little breech legs were all folded up and didn’t know quite what to do with themselves. I was so beyond elated to hold my girl for the first time – still makes me tear up. And a blurry but beautiful first family pic!
We requested skin to skin as quickly as possible after the birth
After a little while they took Norah back to get measured and foot printed as they were finishing stitching me up! It was nice to have the distraction of Norah so I didn’t think about the fact that I was having major surgery for the first time ever!
Back in the recovery room getting settled in
I look like ET with my glowing finger!
One happy daddy!
The next day we enjoyed some visitors – we were so proud and happy to have them meet Norah
You can see her breech “crazy leg” as we termed it – whenever she wasn’t bundled up her little leg stuck straight out!

Meanwhile the doggies were hiking Philo without us – lucky ducks.
First bath – she was not thrilled

So teeny tiny in Dad’s arms!
Norah was born on Monday night – on Wednesday afternoon we learned we’d have a roommate that night so we decided to head home – I felt pretty great all things being equal and knew that I could lay low and be more comfortable at home. Also the rooms are TINY at the hospital (they are renovating a new wing so hopefully when we have #2 they will have finished!) so we knew it would be stressful to be there with someone

As we got ready to go I took these first portraits (my camera felt VERY heavy and I had to move very slowly!)

Clothes? What is this nonsense? A sidenote – the outfit you see in this photo was a newborn size and didn’t fit her – thankfully we had also brought a 0-3 outfit!
Momma in the wheelchair and Dad pushing the cart!
Waiting for the car seat safety check – it’s a big big world out there!

Welcome home little girl!
MANY more photos to come….I just had to start somewhere!!

And thank you all SO much for your well wishes these past few weeks – makes us feel very loved!!