Norah’s Nursery

I wanted to share some photos of Norah’s nursery today. I know many people really come up with a theme for their rooms but hers evolved somewhat organically. I knew that for photos I wanted to keep things fairly neutral with pops of color and not have it be an explosion of pink. My fabulous interior designer friend Sarah came up in November to pull everything together and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the result – it feels cozy and welcoming and puts a smile on my face every time I come up the stairs….let’s hope Norah agrees! Alright here it is….

I got the Pottery Barn crib used from a friend and bought the rug from Land of Nod. The pennant flags Sarah had sewn for my shower and I love how they frame the space and bring the high ceiling down. We got the Sabra Field Sailboat print from friends as a housewarming gift.


The chest had been in the guest room previously – it is a hand me down from my Mom’s attic. Still considering whether to update the pulls on it to something a bit more colorful. The chevron hamper was a Home Goods find.
The glider was a baby gift from my Mom – it’s from Babies R Us. The little bookcase came from a local unfinished furniture store and was on sale (score!!). The shelves are Ikea.
The shelves are my favorite!! I bought the alphabet cards spelling her name in high school from Land of Nod (we have the whole alphabet so it just worked out that we didn’t choose a name with repeating letters!)
Some details of the shelves….the invitation from my baby shower, wooden farm animals from a friend, the baby announcement picture of Strider and Sage, “how to really love a child” which was another present from my shower, a Beatrix Potter figurine from my childhood and a cow lovie from a close friend. The fabulous balls of felt were an impulse buy from Clementine – a charming shop in Middlebury, VT – they make me very very happy!
My friend Wendy painted this silk for me when I was in college
More details…..happy pink sparkly shoes to mirror my wedding shoes, a wooden toy we found in Maine, a tapestry door hanging I sewed ages ago, the aforementioned felted balls, a Beatrix Potter mirror that had been in my nursery as a child, a tapestry brick doorstopper that I sewed maybe ten years ago, and a stool my Grandmother sewed for me as a child (I got my love of tapestry from her)!
The lamp from my childhood bedroom (the ferris wheel is a music box we need to get fixed….it’s sounding a little sad these days), a duckie nightlight that friends gave me in high school, and a sailboat that I bought on a whim in Rockport, MA early in my pregnancy
Thanks to everyone bringing a book to my baby shower her bookshelf is full – I hope to pass on my love of reading to her.
A recently purchased Etsy print and two photos from my baby shower
Can you BELIEVE this amazing quilt? My super crafty friend Megan made it – it’s the sailboat signal flag alphabet and I almost fell over when she sent it – it is SO beautiful and SO perfect – check out the precision of that quilting!! I’m a tiny bit jealous that Megan has been quilting for about 1/3 as long as I have and can produce a quilt like this – impressive.
My friend Donna knitted this beautiful Debbie Bliss blanket. As Jeff said “how did she do that?” – I have no idea but it is soft and lovely and it’s the perfect thing to wrap around her when she’s nursing.
This little book of faces also makes me very happy – I made it on Pinhole Press
Such beautiful lovies – we’ll find another place for them once she’s actually in her crib but for now they are a nice pop of color!
I wish I had a before picture of this chair – we found it while cleaning out my Mom’s attic this summer and it was covered in dirt, dust, and mouse poo (not kidding unfortunately). My Mom had saved just enough of the original fabric in a safer part of the attic that we were able to re-cover it in the same print – it’s so sweet!
I sewed a few of these fabric buckets from the book Sunday Morning Quilts – I’ve had this fabric forever and I LOVE it (and never knew what to do with it) so now I get to see it every day and they are the perfect holders for diapers and I’m sure eventually for toys
Our sleeping beauty has started to nap in her crib during the day sometimes when I have work to do
A HUGE thank you again to my friend Sarah who really pulled the whole room together and helped us decide how to arrange everything – I LOVE it!!! xxoo