Oceanside Family Photos

Last week I headed down to Westerly, RI to take some pictures of this wonderful family. I know Sarah from Junior League and she won a session I donated to an auction last year. Each summer her Husband’s family gathers at the beach so we did a combination of family shots and then individuals of the kids – it was a blast!

Skyler and Reecie warmed up with a few shots with Dad

Then we got the whole family involved!

Skyler and Reecie thought it might be more fun to roll around and wrestle 🙂

After being at the house for awhile we headed down to the beach

Reecie found this hole and thought it was hilarious to throw himself into it 🙂

There’s nothing like running on the beach!

This was bound to happen 🙂

Wet but happy

Showered and ready for a snack before bed!

I had such a great time!